The 1 Million Devs For Africa Program

Our Software Development training program is thoughtfully crafted to equip you with fundamental tech skills essential for success in today's digital world. Through a practical, hands-on approach, you'll undergo 16 weeks of self-paced, online training in a variety of programming languages, from Python to Blockchain 101. Prepare yourself for a fulfilling journey in the tech industry with our empowering curriculum.


Who's eligible to apply?

The program is fully sponsored & open to all applicants who successfully navigate our selection process & demonstrate proficiency in our computer literacy test.

Once selected, learners undergo a virtual orientation session and start learning on our online learning platform. You are eligible to apply if:

You are above 18 years

You have basic computer literacy

You have access to an internet-connected laptop/ PC

You are excited about learning new skills

Master fundamental coding skills in just 16 weeks

The program offers certification in a range of coding languages from, Python Programming, Dart with Flutter, Database Programming, Web Technologies, and Soft Skills.

Our learners also have opportunities for hands-on practical experience through a "proof of work" approach, enabling them to apply what they have learned and gain valuable skills through their 16 week training.





Develop websites, automate tasks, analyze data and visualize information for your next innovation.

Our program uses a hands-on approach to enable learners to develop a deep understanding of Python programming language.

They will build websites, automate tasks, analyze data and visualize information using real-world examples, empowering them to create innovative solutions that solve problems in Africa and beyond.

Dart With Flutter

Dart With Flutter

Turn your ideas into revolutionary mobile applications with the power of Dart and Flutter.

Learners will gain a deep understanding of the Dart programming language and Flutter framework.

They will also learn how to design, build and test mobile applications that are visually appealing, intuitive, and responsive to users' needs.

Database Management

Database Management

Master the art of data organization, storage, retrieval and manipulation. Take control of your data and unlock its full potential.

Our program uses real-world scenarios to enable learners to develop a comprehensive understanding of data management.

They will learn how to organize, store, retrieve and manipulate data effectively to make informed decisions and drive growth in their businesses.

Web Technologies

Web Technologies

Explore the world of web development and create dynamic, interactive and responsive web applications.

Our program uses a project-based approach to enable learners to build real-world web applications using the latest web technologies.

They will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to create dynamic, interactive and responsive web applications that impact Africa's future.

Personal Development & Entrepreneurship

Personal Development & Entrepreneurship

Empower yourself with the skills and knowledge you need to become a successful entrepreneur and create the change you want to see in Africa.

Our program uses a holistic approach to enable learners to unlock their full potential and become successful all rounded developers and entrepreneurs.

They will acquire essential skills to identify opportunities to provide tech solutions and be empowered to create the future of Africa.