Inspiring the Next Generation of Tech Leaders

At Power Learn Project, we understand the immense value of mentorship in shaping the future of tech leadership. Our Mentor Network is a vibrant community where individuals from diverse backgrounds, including PLP Alumni, seasoned instructors, and experienced professionals, converge to share knowledge, inspire growth, and ignite transformation.


Our mentor network is at the heart of our mission to nurture the next generation of African tech talent. Our commitment to providing valuable resources & guidance to our learners extends beyond the classroom. With the mentorship program, we’re building a community of support, knowledge sharing & growth. PLP’s mentor network is divided into four phases, each contributing to the holistic development of our learners.

PHASE 1: Leveraging instructor expertise

For the initial phase of our mentorship video series, we've taken the opportunity to sit down with our instructors to gain insight into their perspectives on mentorship and how they're leveraging their expertise within the PLP community.

PHASE 2: Empowering through Alumni success stories & industry experts

In our ongoing efforts to empower our learners, we've embarked on a multifaceted approach to mentorship. Firstly, we're collecting success stories from our alumni, highlighting their progress and achievements within the program. These stories serve as inspiration and guidance for current and future learners, showcasing the tangible impact of PLP.

Additionally, we're collaborating with industry experts to glean insights during our curriculum review process. Through video sessions, these experts provide invaluable feedback on how to best position our learning modules to align with industry demands. This collaborative effort ensures that our curriculum remains relevant and effective, equipping learners with the skills they need to excel in the tech industry.

PHASE 3: Forging partnerships for enhanced mentorship

In phase 3, our focus on forging partnerships for enhanced mentorship is driven by the recognition of its pivotal role in fostering holistic growth among our learners. By teaming up with organizations like Ygap, we aim to provide learners with more than just technical skills, we're equipping them with the entrepreneurial mindset and resources necessary to navigate and succeed in the tech industry. These partnerships facilitate immersive experiences like boot camps, where learners receive hands-on guidance, mentorship, and real-world insights, setting them on a path toward sustainable career advancement and impactful innovation.

PHASE 4: Long-Term Mentorships & Continuous Growth

In phase 4 of our mentorship program, we're focused on establishing long-term mentorship relationships to ensure continuous growth for our learners. This involves sourcing mentors who possess the expertise and dedication to guide our participants throughout their journey with PLP. By connecting our learners with mentors who can provide ongoing support, feedback, and guidance, we aim to facilitate sustained personal and professional development. This phase emphasizes the importance of mentorship as a cornerstone of our program, fostering enduring connections that contribute to the long-term success of our community.